The Extroducer Infusion Catheter

The Extroducer, a novel infusion catheter, is designed to deliver advanced therapies directly into hard to reach areas of the body. Due to the unique mechanical properties and design, in animal studies, multiple infusions could be performed in extravascular tissue after exit of the vascular system, potentially opening the door for future research into precise cell and biologic therapy delivery and repurpose small molecules for greater and safe local effects.

Major advantages of the Extroducer

  • Passes through the vascular wall directly into the tissue.
  • Access to tissue and organs difficult or risky to reach with conventional methods.
  • Easy to achieve repeated access.
  • Pay loads can be delivered directly to the organ/tissue

Technology and innovation

Smartwise was founded in 2015 to develop the Extroducer technology invented in the laboratory of Staffan Holmin, MD, PhD, CMO of SmartCella.

In 1953, Sven-Ivar Seldinger develop a technique for inserting catheters into the blood vessels via an Introducer. the home of Sven-Ivar Seldinger, who developed the Seldinger, the method used in all hospitals throughout the world to insert catheters into the bloodstream via an Introducer.

Using this as inspiration, Staffan Holmin’s team developed the Extroducer infusion catheter, a novel catheter that uses the same Seldinger principal to exit blood vessels and reach the adjacent tissues. Large animal proof of principal studies at the Karolinska Institutet in tissues, such as heartkidney, pancreas, and liver, have been performed.

The Extroducer can be integrated with many off-the-shelf microcatheters and navigated into the microvasculature.

Technology and innovation