Why cardiovascular disease?

Cardiovascular disease, and heart failure specifically, is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality globally and one of the highest economical health care burden. Globally, heart failure affects 64 million people globally (Lancet. 2017 Sep;390(10100):1211-1259.) In the United States, 5 million people in the United States suffer from a failing heart, and the disease costs the US health system over $30 billion per year. (Card Fail Rev. 2017 Apr; 3(1): 7–11.)

When the heart fails, it cannot pump blood efficiently through the body and supply the body with oxygen. A common cause of this damage is heart attacks, during which the heart blood vessels are blocked, depriving the heart muscle of oxygen, and leading to scarring and heart cell death. Procella’s cell technology aims to repair damaged hearts, and in early pre-clinical studies has been shown to have engraftment capability to create new muscle in hearts damaged from a heart attack. (Foo et al.)

Careers at the SmartCella family


A unique cardiac progenitor cell technology –our current core technology- with demonstrated potential to regenerate muscle of damaged heart in animal models. We are optimizing the manufacturing process and quality of PROC-001 and collaborating with AstraZeneca as we advance towards First-in-Human studies.

Recent Publication

Migratory and anti-fibrotic programmes define the regenerative potential of human cardiac progenitors