About us

SmartCella is a world-leading biotechnology company pioneering the future of targeted therapies by combining first-in-class delivery platforms with cutting-edge cell and gene therapies. The company has three units: SmartWise with the FDA-approved Extroducer, an endovascular device that enables direct tissue or organ infusion to hard-to-reach organs and tumors. SmartCella Solutions creating novel mRNA therapies and platforms that enable cell-mediated delivery of protein and mRNA to specific regions, even within organs. Procella with advanced capabilities within stem cell therapy development and cGMP manufacturing inhouse. Procella collaborates with AstraZeneca on a globally licensed cardiac stem cell therapy to repair parts of the heart damaged from a heart attack and has a growing pipeline of stem cell therapies.

SmartCella,  founded in 2014, is based in Tullinge, Sweden and has approximately 60 employees, mainly scientists and researchers, with around 20 different nationalities represented.

SmartCella is privately owned and funded

Key Publication

Migratory and anti-fibrotic programmes define the regenerative potential of human cardiac progenitors