Procella published in Nature Cell Biology

Today, the strong results of an animal study with Procella human ventricular progenitor (HVP) cells was published in Nature Cell Biology, showcasing improved cardiac function and reduced scar tissue in laboratory setting. In detail, the study shows that Procella’s HVP cells are able to promote the regeneration of healthy cardiac tissue following a heart attack, improve cardiac function and reduce scar tissue. The article in Nature Cell Biology has, in a very short period, been cited all around the world.

Johan Rugfelt, acting CEO of SmartCella sais, “The results as such were no news to us, but the fact that they are now published in one of the most prestigious scientific journals in the world is a great achievement. It will clearly build our brand awareness and help us in attracting the best talent.”

To access the press release, use the link here:

Curious to hear more from some of the researchers at Astra Zeneca and Procella involved in the study? Check out this clip:

The Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet also covered the study: